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General Manager


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to our Shareholders, Principle, Clients, Contractors and Consultant for their excellent Support Over the years Al Malki Trading & Contracting has dedicated itself to improve the quality of life by providing innovative and eco-friendly technologies. Customer satisfaction drives all our actions and we strive to establish Al Malki Trading & Contracting as a synonymous with trust.

Qatar's National Vision rests on four pillars Human Development, Social Development , Economic Development , Environmental Development , Our focus is Providing Healthy Indoor Air Quality with less energy by using Refrigerant which has lesser ODP (Ozone depleting potential) & GWP (Global Warming potential), Using high end technology. Our main Focus is to bring latest Air-conditioning Products available in in the world meet Qatar demand.

I would like to thank our Winning team for their positive initiatives and dedicated support.

  • Regards,
  • Mutasim Al Ghadir
  • General Manager